Summer Class OOTD problems


It was another day of stressing. Since I was so stressed and no time to take laundry for my clothes, I wore white top and jeans for simplicity. This is one of the problems of the students when it comes to Summer Class, it feels like you have that empty wardrobe. LOL. Paired it with my Plain black hijab cause you know it’s my fave and I know it would be a great pair with my OOTD, let’s say, a little bit basic. Haha! Did the bag caught also your eye? Yes, that’s what I’m using now in school because the size is just so good. Don’t want to take pack bag cause it’s so big. While that shoulder bag fits normally to my stuffs, it has 2 zippers and the first one contains my notebook, pen, lab gown and mask. By the way, I don’t bring books in school now. While the second one is the place for my wallet, powder, mirror, lipstick, facial tissue, alcohol, keychain.


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