Nihanna and Habibti hijab’s fashion


During Ramadhan, I was scrolling down my phone. One time, I received a lot of followers on my IG account but then there’s one shop caught my attention since she flooded me with likes and some beautiful comments that made me a little bit flattered *forgive me*. So I stalk her. I found that the shop is newbie and saw the pictures of models wearing their OOTD’s and a signature scarf of turkish. So I guess, this shop is from Turkey. But I still leave a comment to one of there pictures saying, “where do you based?”. When I am already home from school, I opened again my IG account, they respond that they are Istanbul Turkey based, but they will be having an International delivery for a very affordable price. Then she inserted some beautiful greetings on the end of her comment about Ramadhan. Then I sent dm again to them, asking for Abaya pictures, the price and the shipping fee because the Eid’l-fitr is near the corner. They said that they are still arranging their contacts with the shipping carriers at the moment. However, they don’t want me to get disappointed in celebrating my Eid, so they decided to send me a gift privately. I’m so happy and excited to what I read that time.


13900451_1545947785431250_181063275_n (1)

I feel so special because I became one of there priority on choosing the best OOTD that would fit to me. It took 10 days before it finally arrived at Philippines and I was not able to wear it during Eid. But I really hope that I can wear it before their launch date.





Finally! Here’s the not so long wait. Wearing one of the tunic dresses from @nihanna.official slash by Aplusbee with love. Again, çok teşekkür ederim for sending this gift to me sister and to your team for the efforts and time. So lucky that I was able to wear one of your products as a gift and designed by one of the great fashion designers from Turkey. You made me smile. Good thing I wear this the day before their launch date during our #PharmChemSOLLUSTRA16Paired it up with comfy and worry less hijab from my favourite @habibtihijab_ph. Shukran sister. Dolled up myself simply to look more elegant and will suit to my OOTN. May Allah showers his fruitful blessings to these two teams for being warm-hearted person. I hope and pray that their business will run smoothly. In shaa Allah.


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