Abaya is my gown and Hijab is my crown



When I was High school, it was my goal to really cover myself when I meet college. Let’s say, I am wearing hijab since I was kid but then it is ON and OFF. When I got to my fourth year high school, I was able to wear hijab but not that really covered. First year college – 1st semester, I finally have the will to wear hijab that has really the effort of pinning and designing it. I still wear jeans and long sleeves that time. Then second semester arrived, those jeans turned to long skirts and long sleeves. I was thinking, is this already a new beginning? Maybe yes. Summer class is on. Since it is not like the regular classes, it was not easy for me to pick up clothes in order to have a congruent to my so called theme, code or whatever for my Monday to Saturday not school uniform classes. So it went to a mix kind of dressing up. I wear sometimes Abaya, long dress, jumpsuit, long skirts paired it up with long sleeves, sleeveless (but of course with denim jacket) and sometimes, long sleeves with vest. Until I became a second year. I love scrolling down my phone and looking to these beautiful muslimah’s around the world who were so conservative when it comes to dressing up, it’s really a Ma shaa Allah. I don’t know, but I think I was enlightened during those times. I started to wear Abaya or long dresses. I feel so comfy and respected when I am wearing those things. Maybe in fairy tales, the princess is wearing gown every time, so maybe my Abaya or long dress is my gown too and my hijab is my crown. It feels like that. Then I don’t move too much. Move with elegance or in a majestic way because it popped on my mind that maybe there’s an angel who stops me every time. Hahaha. Or maybe, I don’t want to mess up my outfit. Lol. And now, I always wear Abaya or long dress. Those jeans and long skirts were being lessen. If I would rate myself, I am still in 75% on wearing Abaya or long dress every time except Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday because it is a school or PE uniform days. And I think, that’s already better; a goal of wearing hijab only that turned to pairing it up with Abaya or long dress. I am now getting back to my old track and that is to shop online for Hijabs and Abaya or long dresses. Hmmm. And I should say, kill my allowance. Lol. But anyway, I am willing to accept gifts or for endorsement. Hahahaha. But yes, really 😉


And of course, don’t ever forget to wear smile too, it’s sunnah. And whoever wears Abaya and hijab with a beautiful smile, it makes her one of the prettiest girl in this world. Here’s mine 🙂



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