Sign of aging


With an age of 17, I have to deal with eye problems. Way back when I was in my less than 15 years of age, wearing eyeglasses for me is a sign of being genius. I have my first eye check up last 28th of June 2016 since I observed something wrong in my vision, it seems like blurry. It was so heart aching knowing the fact that I badly needed to wear graded eyeglasses. I have a positive .75 in my right eye and it is also astigmatism while negative .75 in my left eye and it also farsighted. I don’t know what to do that time. I never told it to my Mom that I am now having my eye check up. The Doctor said, if I am not going to use eyeglasses, I will surely come back again and again and the grades of the lens will increase more. So, I was encouraged that time, I stand up and choose my own frame. I don’t know why I choose this kind of frame or the design, maybe I was struggling because of the results that I heard. Now, I am using my eyeglasses but not almost of the time then I realized that, not all people who wears eyeglasses are genius because I am not even genius. Hahahaha. I belong to the average mind people 😉


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