Building your feed

Are you one of those Instagrammers who also wishes to have a cool feed just like those feed goals that you can see?

Well, I am not your own kind of feed goals but I am one of those people who is trying to have a good feed.
 I was also belong to the so called “Messy feed” before. Yes, really. I started to join Instagram way back April 5, 2013 and that was summer time. I really love Photography, it makes me happy every time I capture things. After that, editing it makes me excited for the outcome. There was a time last August 2015, where I decided to build my own kind of feed. I delete my almost 1K pictures on my Instagram account. At first it makes me think, these are all remembrance but then I still want to have a cool feed and my pictures before were taken without hijab and that’s a good thing since I am now wearing my hijab and I feel so shy to show my self without my hijab. I choose to have a white feed since it is defined as clean.
So let me share you my 5 tips. I hope it will help you.
  • First, as stated at the top, I love Photography. Every time I found something but it is not good for my feed, okay i’ll take a click, BUT I will not post it to my IG account. It will be posted in my Facebook, Snapchat or twitter. Choose something which is Instagrammable or something that would fit to your chosen kind of feed.
  • Second, choose only one theme. When you are in black, only black. When you are in white, then stay only with white. When you are in pastels, then pastel shades only. Do not let your feed be combined with other colors or hue. That’s not a feed builder anymore.
  • Third, when you capture something, always remember the lightning so that when you edit your picture, the outcome is better. Don’t forget the angle, it can also add points to your feed.
  • Fourth, stay only with one editing app and one filter. Why? This is uniformity from the very top to bottom of your feed and this will lead you to feed goals.
  • Lastly, for those who choose white feed, the exposure is important, it should not be over-lightning, the picture will not be appreciated anymore. Instead of putting the exposure into 4 to 6, adjust the contrast into 1 to 3 only (it depends upon the picture’s lightning). The contrast can help also to adjust the picture if it looks like faded. Just adjust it into 1 to 3 only.

Those are my tips. I know some of you can do the first to third tips. While only few can follow the fourth and last one. I hope it will help you. If it does not, then I hope you learned something.







2 thoughts on “Building your feed

    • princessofthetown says:

      Hello. Thank you for that question. Before, I am really using the Instagram’s size but now, it depends upon the picture. For me, you should just make sure that there is clarity in your subject when you go to the profile section of your Instagram account.


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