If it is in ALLAH’s plan, it will happen



I don’t really post that much when it comes to selfies, everything about my posts should be Instagrammable, but this one is worth to post since I consider it as the Best selfie ever I had in my whole entire life. Yes really, though I am still taking up my premed course but this shot makes me more inspired to achieve my goals in life. I know that my premed course is too difficult (maybe I do not belong to the great minds level of people, average mind feels) and my expectations when I was in High school was too far from what’s happening now. There are also times were I cried so much, thinking a lot of things. Like, “How can I reach my goals?”, “I think I cannot do this anymore.”, “I think this is not really for me.” and so on and so forth. All of these thoughts were the cause of my one major subject that leads me to depression. But my boyfriend always lift me up and there is one time that he said this passage to me:

“You know what, you are still a blessed person despite of those you have encountered in your past life. I know that your past is so bad to hear but why are you going to say that you cannot do it anymore? You survived with the worst past, you can now smile and feels like you didn’t experience the worst. So do you think you cannot also survive for your future? Definitely, you can’t. You cannot survived when you do not put your best or efforts. There are a lot of people who wishes to be you. You are able to study in that kind of University and taking up the course which is the preparatory for your greatest dream. While me? I am just a scholar here in other country.  I am waiting for the support of the government here and sometimes there is a conflict, they cannot provide our needs. I think this is more difficult than yours. At least, in your situation, your family is always there to support you in every aspects. Whenever you feel home sick, you can go home and travel for just 5 hours. While me? I am so far from my Family. Whenever I am sick, there’s no one who is beside me. Yes, we have also the same situation. But at least, you and your family are just with the same country and the same time. While me and my family? We can only talk sometimes, because when they are sleeping, I am about to wake up. Aside from that, we need also to pass in every of our subjects and do not fail or else we can leave this University and go back to Philippines. And I know we just have the same thing with this. WE NEED TO SURVIVE. Remember, Life is like a mountain, you cannot easily reach the top. You must climb so hard and sometimes you fail but that’s not a hindrance for you to give up. Do not waste the opportunity that you can climb again with a new strategy. Let us relate it with our studies, we cannot easily reach our dreams, we have to work hard first. Sometimes we fail but that’s not a valid reason to quit easily. Remember also your Mother, who is always there ever since for you. Those times that she is at risks for you and your future. Also, the expectations of the people on you. Do not let them be disappointed. And lastly, as your future husband, I want people to say, “EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS THE WORST PAST IN HER LIFE, SHE BECAME A DOCTOR”. AND EVEN IF I DIE EARLY, PLEASE CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS, THAT WILL MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.” -Morshed Pompong

This really made me teary-eyed. He always says those lines that were highlighted. When I feel so down, I look up on our conversation in order for me to get inspired. And the picture above wants to portray as, “IF IT IS IN ALLAH’s PLAN, IT WILL HILL HAPPEN”.
If you feel down, I hope you will put yourself in the passage. 🙂


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