Good food with Good interiors at Rekado


Raise your hand if you love to eat too!!! I and @allanachix had our lunch date last wednesday at Rekado Restaurant Filipino Comfort Cuisine located at 1050 Jacinto Extension, Davao City PH. You guys know that I have only one blog about my foodlogue category here, so it popped on my mind to write and share our date. By the way, we took our lunch at Rekado and after that we had our cake date to one of the cafe’s here at Davao, but let’s stop first at Rekado. So here’s a quick shot of mine after having our order to the approachable team of this restaurant 🙂


While waiting for our order, I took some pictures of the interior on my Instagram’s story. Since I didn’t check out if there is an internet connection, so I just save it. But sad to say, my Instagram’s story messed up and those pictures that I took were not able to save. But here is one picture that was left on my VSCO camera. Good thing, it is still Instagrammable and blog worthy picture.


So here’s the highlights. The fooooooood! As you can see, the rice is being put in a bowl made of wood. It’s so cute to see this thing. Truly a Filipino style and brand. The Chicken barbecue is so delicious as well. I love it so much. You can really feel the essence of being a Filipino since this is one of the Filipino’s pride then the way how the taste is being blend is a bonus.

Everything here is an authentic. From their food down to their interiors. Cozy place and Instagram’s feed worthy. Surely, a must-visit place in Davao. Giving you a 5 stars 🙂


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