Gift from Monisa Modesty with Love

I tried this viral deal on Facebook. I send a message to one of the sellers of hijabs saying, “Hello *insert hijab company name* 500 likes, 300 comments and 100 shares for 2 hijabs. Deal?” Their Hijabs are a little bit pricey, so I was hoping that they will agree to me but knowing the fact that I got this ‘seen’ made me a little bit disappointed.

One night, before going to bed, I just tried to send again a message to Monisa Modesty on Instagram. I am really stalking their shops since before because of the beautiful shades and instagrammable feed as well.

15723901_1738215056204521_572317455_n.png“Hello Monisa. 500 likes, 300 comments, 100 shares for 2 hijabs?”

I didn’t take this message seriously since I don’t want to get disappointed again just like what I have encountered from the other shop. But when I am ready to close my eyes to take a sleep, phone vibrates. That moment, I don’t want to get my phone but I got this feeling that Monisa Modesty agreed to our deal and Alhamdullilah! Seeing this reply from them, made me so excited to post the picture and achieve the goal.

It took me 2 days before I reached the said goal. Glad to have these ever supporting facebook friends. Thank you Guys! By the way, I want to send my special thanks to Morshed Pompong, Jesseca Mahinay Dechosa and Farhana Bansil for their extra support. I really appreciate their efforts especially when they informed their friends to like, comment and share the picture in order to easily gain the goal.




15731472_1738214502871243_119185248_n.pngTo Morshed Pompong, you know how addicted I am when it comes to hijabs. I am so inlove in every shades that I have especially on nude colors. Thank you so much for your extra effort just to make me happy and support me when it comes to my passion and happiness zone 🙂 ❤

To Jesseca Mahinay Dechosa, I was so surprised when you made a lot of comments to my post just to reached these 300 comments and when I sent you a message to give my million of thanks, so happy when you said, “I know how important hijabs in you my muslim friends.” Alhamdullilah! There are non-muslims who appreciate the beauty behind hijabs. Thank you so much! I hope sooner or later, I can see you wearing your beautiful hijab dear 🙂 ❤

To Farhana Bansil, we are really vibes when it comes to hijabs. I had this beautiful smile when you told your friends, “Please like this picture and this will also serve as your help to me.” Thank you so much! Seeing your collections, made me so “Ma shaa Allah, I love the shades.” In shaa Allah, we can get all of the shades that we want 🙂 ❤

Alhamdullilah! After few days, I already have these Two High Quality Premium chiffon hijabs and One high quality pin from the one and only Monisa Modesty at ease. Ma shaa Allah! Seeing these two favorite shades of mine makes me so happy.

15644375_1738215376204489_108267968_n.jpgTo Sister Monisa Bragil and to the team, May ALLAH SWT grant you more success and I hope that everything in your business will run more smoothly. In shaa Allah ❤ 🙂

Visit their Instagram account: @monisamodesty


Check out also their Facebook page:

All shades are beautiful, right? For 380 pesos each, I swear! From fabric, shades, sizes, down to the transaction, 100% all worth it! I have this friend who ask me about their products when I posted the package on my Instagram stories, I said “Everything is so perfect.” So, she ordered at Monisa modesty and after a few days, her package is already on her hands. She automatically message me, saying, “I want to buy more, so inlove with the cloth and can’t get over because they are sooo kind.” Alhamdullilah 🙂 So now what are you waiting for? Go contact them and place your order now! 🙂 Let’s go twinning, I have these Pastel dust and Anchor gray shades from them ❤ Shukran katheeran for the gift sister! Jazakallahu Khair 🙂 ❤


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