Continue to be a pearl on your own shell with Metro hijab Fashion

Are you familiar with Metro hijab fashion? Yes, the house of modest apparel. They were well known because of their beautiful and elegant muslimah dresses. It was November 2016 when I placed my first order to them. If you don’t know, November is my birth month and it deserves to have something gift for myself. So I scroll down my Facebook and Instagram feed to look for that something.

I have always been following @metrohijab_fashion on instagram since before. Knowing that they are 101% legit and a lot of people recommending this shop made me pulled to order a dress from them. At first, I had a hard time to contact the owner of the shop because she’s so busy in running the business. Don’t you know, she’s not just a simply young entrepreneur, she also sew and designed the dresses that she is selling. She is the amazing Princess Norhanifah Minalang of Facebook.

It took so long before the owner respond to the message that I have sent and both of eyes were always turning into heart shape every time she is posting pictures of her products. I am stuck in choosing between Cindy or Batwing dress. I was also thinking to cancel my order but Alhamdullilah, it’s just only power of patience until she can finally note our orders.


My order arrived exactly the day of my 18th birthday. It made me excited to wear this black cindy dress.





I wore it to one of the events in our school. It feels so comfortable knowing the sizes really fit to myself. That is one thing that I like to this shop. Aside from all of the colors are available, we can ask the owner to adjust the size and the length of our orders plus the fabric itself added extra bonus because of it’s high quality yet still affordable. You cannot find a shop like Metro hijab fashion. I swear! Yes, I have discussed before that it is slightly difficult to have a transaction to the owner, but everything is worth it if you have products from Metro hijab fashion 🙂 I cannot wait to have more orders ❤


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