Happy 1st blog


When I was in my 2nd grade in primary level, with an age of 7, I can still clearly remember that I always have this cute little notebook and pen. If you are thinking, yes it’s a Diary! Do you have also when you were still a kid? 🙂

At night, before heading to bed, I’m stuck first on my study table. I won’t miss a night without sharing even just a single sentence on my diary. I can still remember my format, the color and brand of the lil notebooks and pens I used. It was already my hobby to write and share my thoughts since I was a kid, that is why I am now in blog. I was also able to joined our school paper team to write and share my thoughts during my primary level. I think I just stopped having this diary when I was in my 4th or 5th grade because that’s the time when PSP and Mp3 to Mp5 gadgets got so viral for our age.

When I reached my 4th year in Secondary level, I am wondering about blog. What is blog? How to become a blogger? How to do this and that? Until I reached my 1st year in Tertiary level, I was able to meet a lot of bloggers and that’s the time when I already enter the world of blog.

2nd year in Tertiary level came, a requirement to one of our minor subjects is to make our own blog, and good thing I was able to start my own maybe 4-5 months ago.

And now! It’s been a year of intermittent blogging. It’s not easy to become a student-blogger. But, because of the will of wanting to share, I’ll continue what I’ve started. I was also planning before to change my site, buy my own domain and templates for my blog, but I was also thinking that I am not that really active so I should have to control myself in spending money for my blog. Besides, I am still a student. A student with a blogger heart. Also, I think I already posted good contents in here, because I was not expecting that I can gained big hits although I only have a total of 16 posts out of one year. I have so many drafts in here but I was not able to finish it all. lol. I am so happy seeing visitors not just in my country which is the Philippines but also around the world. Thank you everyone for your support and for the time of reading my effortless posts. I feel sorry for being so lazy blogger, I just can’t focus so much in here because school is always my number one priority. But one thing for sure, I’ll promise that I won’t close this page, I’m still gonna share things if I have my vacant time. I love you all. Cheers for many more years to come! In shaa Allah 💖😊❤


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