Unwind at Emars wavepool before the Summer Class 2016 starts

It was sunday (April 10, 2016) when I woke up at 2:45 AM because my summer vacation ends and need to face the reality which we called as “Summer Class”. I and my Family travelled to Davao for almost 4 hours from South Cotabato. When we landed safely at Davao, we went to my Apartment and have to say “good bye and thank you” because I am going to transfer to a new one since my reason is that, it is little bit far from my school and I got sometimes late. LOL. So, we get all of my things there and put it on the car. Then, we went to my new apartment, it feels like walking distance only going to my school. Hahaha! Put down all the things and take a little bit rest. So almost done and we are excited to go somewhere down the road! They asked me if where are we going? So I said, I prefer to be at Emars Wavepool since it is only at the back of the SM ecoland, it is easy for me to trace the place. So here! Automatically bring up our own cameras when we arrived, and take a shoot.

My cousin served as my photographer. LOL. I hide my face cause I don’t know what kind of pose should I take. LOL.

OOTD went to:
Wore my favorite Plain black hijab. I always styled it up into simple way but elegant and comfy to use. I also used a white inner and paired it with my denim jacket. Also, white jeans with ribbons for a comfortable way of travelling. My favorite brown sling bag, went to be the place of my phone, wallet, charger, alcohol, powder, mirror, lipstick and facial tissue. My blue pack bag served as the place for my clothes that will be going to use for the swimming.