Fries? Yes, fries!!!


Who loves fries? Fries? Yes, fries!!! I do love SNR’s fries so much. Aside from their fries are so thick in size, the taste is also so good. Dipping it into a mayonnaise would be totally perfect. I should say, I can not stop eating from this one.


If it is in ALLAH’s plan, it will happen



I don’t really post that much when it comes to selfies, everything about my posts should be Instagrammable, but this one is worth to post since I consider it as the Best selfie ever I had in my whole entire life. Yes really, though I am still taking up my premed course but this shot makes me more inspired to achieve my goals in life. I know that my premed course is too difficult (maybe I do not belong to the great minds level of people, average mind feels) and my expectations when I was in High school was too far from what’s happening now. There are also times were I cried so much, thinking a lot of things. Like, “How can I reach my goals?”, “I think I cannot do this anymore.”, “I think this is not really for me.” and so on and so forth. All of these thoughts were the cause of my one major subject that leads me to depression. But my boyfriend always lift me up and there is one time that he said this passage to me:

“You know what, you are still a blessed person despite of those you have encountered in your past life. I know that your past is so bad to hear but why are you going to say that you cannot do it anymore? You survived with the worst past, you can now smile and feels like you didn’t experience the worst. So do you think you cannot also survive for your future? Definitely, you can’t. You cannot survived when you do not put your best or efforts. There are a lot of people who wishes to be you. You are able to study in that kind of University and taking up the course which is the preparatory for your greatest dream. While me? I am just a scholar here in other country.  I am waiting for the support of the government here and sometimes there is a conflict, they cannot provide our needs. I think this is more difficult than yours. At least, in your situation, your family is always there to support you in every aspects. Whenever you feel home sick, you can go home and travel for just 5 hours. While me? I am so far from my Family. Whenever I am sick, there’s no one who is beside me. Yes, we have also the same situation. But at least, you and your family are just with the same country and the same time. While me and my family? We can only talk sometimes, because when they are sleeping, I am about to wake up. Aside from that, we need also to pass in every of our subjects and do not fail or else we can leave this University and go back to Philippines. And I know we just have the same thing with this. WE NEED TO SURVIVE. Remember, Life is like a mountain, you cannot easily reach the top. You must climb so hard and sometimes you fail but that’s not a hindrance for you to give up. Do not waste the opportunity that you can climb again with a new strategy. Let us relate it with our studies, we cannot easily reach our dreams, we have to work hard first. Sometimes we fail but that’s not a valid reason to quit easily. Remember also your Mother, who is always there ever since for you. Those times that she is at risks for you and your future. Also, the expectations of the people on you. Do not let them be disappointed. And lastly, as your future husband, I want people to say, “EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS THE WORST PAST IN HER LIFE, SHE BECAME A DOCTOR”. AND EVEN IF I DIE EARLY, PLEASE CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS, THAT WILL MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.” -Morshed Pompong

This really made me teary-eyed. He always says those lines that were highlighted. When I feel so down, I look up on our conversation in order for me to get inspired. And the picture above wants to portray as, “IF IT IS IN ALLAH’s PLAN, IT WILL HILL HAPPEN”.
If you feel down, I hope you will put yourself in the passage. 🙂

Building your feed

Are you one of those Instagrammers who also wishes to have a cool feed just like those feed goals that you can see?

Well, I am not your own kind of feed goals but I am one of those people who is trying to have a good feed.
 I was also belong to the so called “Messy feed” before. Yes, really. I started to join Instagram way back April 5, 2013 and that was summer time. I really love Photography, it makes me happy every time I capture things. After that, editing it makes me excited for the outcome. There was a time last August 2015, where I decided to build my own kind of feed. I delete my almost 1K pictures on my Instagram account. At first it makes me think, these are all remembrance but then I still want to have a cool feed and my pictures before were taken without hijab and that’s a good thing since I am now wearing my hijab and I feel so shy to show my self without my hijab. I choose to have a white feed since it is defined as clean.
So let me share you my 5 tips. I hope it will help you.
  • First, as stated at the top, I love Photography. Every time I found something but it is not good for my feed, okay i’ll take a click, BUT I will not post it to my IG account. It will be posted in my Facebook, Snapchat or twitter. Choose something which is Instagrammable or something that would fit to your chosen kind of feed.
  • Second, choose only one theme. When you are in black, only black. When you are in white, then stay only with white. When you are in pastels, then pastel shades only. Do not let your feed be combined with other colors or hue. That’s not a feed builder anymore.
  • Third, when you capture something, always remember the lightning so that when you edit your picture, the outcome is better. Don’t forget the angle, it can also add points to your feed.
  • Fourth, stay only with one editing app and one filter. Why? This is uniformity from the very top to bottom of your feed and this will lead you to feed goals.
  • Lastly, for those who choose white feed, the exposure is important, it should not be over-lightning, the picture will not be appreciated anymore. Instead of putting the exposure into 4 to 6, adjust the contrast into 1 to 3 only (it depends upon the picture’s lightning). The contrast can help also to adjust the picture if it looks like faded. Just adjust it into 1 to 3 only.

Those are my tips. I know some of you can do the first to third tips. While only few can follow the fourth and last one. I hope it will help you. If it does not, then I hope you learned something.






Sign of aging


With an age of 17, I have to deal with eye problems. Way back when I was in my less than 15 years of age, wearing eyeglasses for me is a sign of being genius. I have my first eye check up last 28th of June 2016 since I observed something wrong in my vision, it seems like blurry. It was so heart aching knowing the fact that I badly needed to wear graded eyeglasses. I have a positive .75 in my right eye and it is also astigmatism while negative .75 in my left eye and it also farsighted. I don’t know what to do that time. I never told it to my Mom that I am now having my eye check up. The Doctor said, if I am not going to use eyeglasses, I will surely come back again and again and the grades of the lens will increase more. So, I was encouraged that time, I stand up and choose my own frame. I don’t know why I choose this kind of frame or the design, maybe I was struggling because of the results that I heard. Now, I am using my eyeglasses but not almost of the time then I realized that, not all people who wears eyeglasses are genius because I am not even genius. Hahahaha. I belong to the average mind people 😉

Abaya is my gown and Hijab is my crown



When I was High school, it was my goal to really cover myself when I meet college. Let’s say, I am wearing hijab since I was kid but then it is ON and OFF. When I got to my fourth year high school, I was able to wear hijab but not that really covered. First year college – 1st semester, I finally have the will to wear hijab that has really the effort of pinning and designing it. I still wear jeans and long sleeves that time. Then second semester arrived, those jeans turned to long skirts and long sleeves. I was thinking, is this already a new beginning? Maybe yes. Summer class is on. Since it is not like the regular classes, it was not easy for me to pick up clothes in order to have a congruent to my so called theme, code or whatever for my Monday to Saturday not school uniform classes. So it went to a mix kind of dressing up. I wear sometimes Abaya, long dress, jumpsuit, long skirts paired it up with long sleeves, sleeveless (but of course with denim jacket) and sometimes, long sleeves with vest. Until I became a second year. I love scrolling down my phone and looking to these beautiful muslimah’s around the world who were so conservative when it comes to dressing up, it’s really a Ma shaa Allah. I don’t know, but I think I was enlightened during those times. I started to wear Abaya or long dresses. I feel so comfy and respected when I am wearing those things. Maybe in fairy tales, the princess is wearing gown every time, so maybe my Abaya or long dress is my gown too and my hijab is my crown. It feels like that. Then I don’t move too much. Move with elegance or in a majestic way because it popped on my mind that maybe there’s an angel who stops me every time. Hahaha. Or maybe, I don’t want to mess up my outfit. Lol. And now, I always wear Abaya or long dress. Those jeans and long skirts were being lessen. If I would rate myself, I am still in 75% on wearing Abaya or long dress every time except Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday because it is a school or PE uniform days. And I think, that’s already better; a goal of wearing hijab only that turned to pairing it up with Abaya or long dress. I am now getting back to my old track and that is to shop online for Hijabs and Abaya or long dresses. Hmmm. And I should say, kill my allowance. Lol. But anyway, I am willing to accept gifts or for endorsement. Hahahaha. But yes, really 😉


And of course, don’t ever forget to wear smile too, it’s sunnah. And whoever wears Abaya and hijab with a beautiful smile, it makes her one of the prettiest girl in this world. Here’s mine 🙂


Nihanna and Habibti hijab’s fashion


During Ramadhan, I was scrolling down my phone. One time, I received a lot of followers on my IG account but then there’s one shop caught my attention since she flooded me with likes and some beautiful comments that made me a little bit flattered *forgive me*. So I stalk her. I found that the shop is newbie and saw the pictures of models wearing their OOTD’s and a signature scarf of turkish. So I guess, this shop is from Turkey. But I still leave a comment to one of there pictures saying, “where do you based?”. When I am already home from school, I opened again my IG account, they respond that they are Istanbul Turkey based, but they will be having an International delivery for a very affordable price. Then she inserted some beautiful greetings on the end of her comment about Ramadhan. Then I sent dm again to them, asking for Abaya pictures, the price and the shipping fee because the Eid’l-fitr is near the corner. They said that they are still arranging their contacts with the shipping carriers at the moment. However, they don’t want me to get disappointed in celebrating my Eid, so they decided to send me a gift privately. I’m so happy and excited to what I read that time.


13900451_1545947785431250_181063275_n (1)

I feel so special because I became one of there priority on choosing the best OOTD that would fit to me. It took 10 days before it finally arrived at Philippines and I was not able to wear it during Eid. But I really hope that I can wear it before their launch date.





Finally! Here’s the not so long wait. Wearing one of the tunic dresses from @nihanna.official slash by Aplusbee with love. Again, çok teşekkür ederim for sending this gift to me sister and to your team for the efforts and time. So lucky that I was able to wear one of your products as a gift and designed by one of the great fashion designers from Turkey. You made me smile. Good thing I wear this the day before their launch date during our #PharmChemSOLLUSTRA16Paired it up with comfy and worry less hijab from my favourite @habibtihijab_ph. Shukran sister. Dolled up myself simply to look more elegant and will suit to my OOTN. May Allah showers his fruitful blessings to these two teams for being warm-hearted person. I hope and pray that their business will run smoothly. In shaa Allah.

Florals for a Muslimah

Photo took before leaving my old apartment to have my Summer vacation which is not really a vacation because compre hit us. This is what we called, “Timer photoshoot” cause I have no photographer that time. LOL. Out of 100 shots, this photo is not really as good as what you expect, but I found it cute. LOL.

A Plain gray hijab fits for a smiley face and paired it up with my long floral dress. The dress was given by my Auntie. I have no photo of a whole body for you to see the beauty behind that cloth but soon I’ll be going to publish another story wearing that long floral dress. It looks simple but it is an eye-catcher. Black and white are basics and I love them but florals caught my heart too.